6th Grade Science

This was are menu.

This is the first year in all of my school years when science has been fun. We have done many projects and I have gotten to collaborate with many people I usually would not. At the moments in science, we are learning about the earth. Specifically, the Earth’s Crust (tectonic plates). I have had fun learning about the earth and can’t wait for our next unit.

The best unit that has happened this year is the electricity unit. For the final project, we had to make a fully functioning cardboard house with lighting and decorations. We had to use circuits and different lights. We also had to incorporate different house items such as a fan, a buzzer, and lighting. We would have to wire all the items on the outside of the house. So it got messssssy.

Instead of making a house or a football field Davis and I made a TACO TRUCK which complicated things in some ways. It would not make sense for a buzzer to be in a taco truck. so we made it a alarm for whenever someone ordered. And the fan, we turned into a oven. Like a convection oven! It was silly because the fan would always hit the cardboard next to it.

For our circuit, we needed to have 3 types of circuits, a simple circuit, a series circuit, and a parallel circuit. We had to add all the circuits together to make on big circuit. It was confusing at sometimes but after Davis and I finished the circuit and got it checked, it was really easy. 

Once Davis and I started the building process we got a little confuzzled because it was a 2D image that we had to apply to a 3D box. We got the hang of it changing the circuit into 3 layers. Once we did that, we finished it really quickly and at the end when everyone was done with there houses, we made a town with them and lit them all up.


My Ideal World


When someone comes to Watermelon they will see many trees and they will see a lot of lush bushes. Watermelon is a planet where everyone gets along and few people fight. I hope when you visit here you will be happy and satisfied with your life. If not, please come see the mental health instructor of watermelon, located in the clock tower. The Watermeloons are the best sports team in the galaxy and in the universe. Our version of soccer is a tad bit different then earth. Instead of a soccer ball, WE KICK A WATERMELON!!

The sports teams are at the best point in the history of the Watermeloon! They have a 12 game win streak in football and have a 3 game winning streak in baseball. The most popular sport in Watermelon is soccer!

What would life look like if you were born on watermelon? You would be born on a nice sunny morning in the red hospital atop the big seed. After you survive for 2 years, you would go to a daycare with other little children around your age. Once you make it to 5 years old you are ready to start school. The first day of school for you would be the best day you can think of. You first get a tour of the school and all your classes, and then you get a hot lunch of… WATERMELON!!! In cubed form, obviously. Once you make it through middle school, you are on to highschool. The first day you get a laptop! That you get to keep at the end of the year. And you get a custom Watermeloon jersey for any team you want.

After school, it’s your own life. Get a job, get a girlfriend/boyfriend and get a house! After each student graduates from college they get a free $100,000 for their hard work!!! Hopefully you don’t waste it.

Now that you know everything about Watermelon, go explore. It’s your life and you get to make your own decisions. Hope you live long and well. 

Field Trip



My grade went on a field trip this past week to the North Carolina Museums of Natural Science in NC. It was really fun! I got to learn a lot of new information and they had some new exhibits to learn about. My favorite thing we did was easily seeing all the dinosaur bones on the ceiling. I loved this museum in so many ways. You can see so many new thing and learn a lot of new things. I learned that the black pouches on the beach are eggs!!! I learned so much and loved the field trip.

Window or Mirror Book?

Image from Sora

Recently I read a book called Where is the Brooklyn Bridge? by Megan  Stine. I think the book was really interesting. I learned a lot of information about the Brooklyn Bridge and bridges in general. Did you know that the bridge was open to the public May 24, 1883? I didn’t know until I read this book. Some books are windows and some are mirrors. In my humble opinion this book is a window for me because I do not make bridges or know a lot of things about bridges. This is probably the first book about bridges I have ever read. I chose this book because I wanted to learn more about New York, I DID! I usually don’t mind what kind of books I read, whether they are mirror or window. Most books are interesting to me.


Hudson’s Language Arts Project


For the past couple of weeks, my Language Arts class has been reading wisdom tales from around the world. One week ago, we were told to pick a group of people and recreate one of the tales. My group decided to do The Talkative Turtle. I have attached the video if you want to watch it. It is a stop motion video. It took us about two days to complete. We presented it to our class the following week. A lot of people liked it. I think this was a good project for are class to do and I look forward to doing another project in the future.


USAFBL stands for Unites States of America Fingerboard League. I am writing this before the event. Some things I know about them is that the USAFBL does a summer thing. They go all over the USA having events. I will be there on the Nov 12, 2022. The event will last from 12-6 and there will be a tournament. The tournament will be a game of S.K.A.T.E. If you don’t know what that is, it basically P.I.G for skateboarding.

This is me writing after the event. I got 12th place in my age group and made a lot of new friends. This was my first time ever competing in a fingerboard event and I think I did good. I look forward to the next time I do one.

Camp Hanes Trip

The trip to Camp Hanes was exquisite. My mom made me wake up at 6:30 to make sure I had everything I needed. We got on the bus at 8:15 and made it to camp around 10:30, unloaded are bags into the GYM then had a discussion about rules. After the discussion we took are bags and went to are cabins. Thankfully I was with some friends. 

My favorite activity was the hike, it was about 3 miles there and back, and the view was amazing! I had a lot of fun on the hike. I talked with Harrison most of the time. When we got to the top we could see the whole camp. It was so cool. Then we had to go back to camp.

Camp fire was cool too. It was really fun talking to friends and making s’mores. I tried to get my marshmallow golden, but it caught on fire. It was still really good though. We did some games and follow the leader stuff. When it was over it was pitch black, and I couldn’t see anything. Holland and I raced back to the cabin to get first showers.

Sadly, the trip was only two days and 1 night. So we had to leave the next day. It was really cool getting to go on a overnight trip with my school. The day we left, we just chilled in the GYM and did games. The Cabins were nice, they had two showers! Which was cool, liked it a lot. I might even go back for a real summer camp.

Hudson’s Backpack

This summer we had to read the book Finding Someplace. It is about a girl named Reesie who is in her house when Hurricane Katrina hit. She has to pack her backpack full of all her things she wants to take with her, not knowing when she would be back.

I would bring my Life Straw and some Cliff Bars, if I got thirsty or hungry. I would bring extra clothes just in case I get called or I need to change to something clean. I would bring my wallet in case I need to pay for more food or buy some water. I would bring my fingerboard for entertainment. A flashlight would make it easy to see in the dark, and may skateboard will be a good way of transportation. Some Crocs if I need to walk through some water.

My dog because I love him and to keep me company. My phone in case I need to stay in touch with my mom or my dad. A charger to charge my phone. Also, some paper for fun. Yes, they are all worth bringing. I made a science experiment that going down a hill with a skateboard is faster then walking down it. It is worth bringing my dog because I love my dog and he is very handsome. I would also use my money to buy dog food. A fingerboard because I easily get bored and I can’t always use my phone.